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January 2020 Calendar Printable

Start by figuring out where your time goes throughout the day. There is often a huge discrepancy between your subjective time and reality. Get a time management app or January 2020 Calendar Printable and track everything you do for a week. With this data, you can easily find areas to improve. For example, you may spend too much time sitting in unproductive meetings or participating in low-priority tasks. This brings us to the next tip. Have a clear objective in mind before starting the meeting. As you complete your agenda, your team will waste less time getting back to work.

January 2020 Calendar PrintableJanuary 2020 Calendar Printable

Take another look at your time audit and identify tasks that take longer than you expect. By determining the time constraints for these items, you will be more focused and work more efficiently. If you are still going beyond these time limits yourself, check your workflow and eliminate short time-vests like unwanted breaks. Working with a plan for the week will help you focus on priorities.January 2020 Printable Calendar

You can easily transition from your carefree weekend mentality to a productive Monday morning “work brain”. Take a few minutes on Sunday to plan your entire week. Treat dysfunction by breaking your weekly goals in daily tasks, so you should only look at this list while working. Remember – your energy and creativity levels fluctuate throughout the week. Schedule low-priority tasks for Mondays and other low-energy times. Complete creative and demanding tasks on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.January 2020 Calendar Printable

When your team’s energy starts decreasing, make regular meetings for Thursdays. Use your Fridays for planning and networking. Use the first 30 minutes of your day to create a daily to-do list that suits your weekly plan. Write your list items as if you have already completed them. Write “Submit Report to Project Manager” instead of “Send Report to Project Manager”. This little trick will give you an extra boost of motivation.January 2020 Calendar Printable

Usually, unexpected tasks just pop up during the day. At the end of the day add them to a separate list next to your to-dos for some extra satisfaction. On Sunday, revisit your achievements from the previous week and congratulate yourself on your successes. This review period will boost your confidence and help you make next week’s schedule. Oddly, you can concentrate more easily when your brain is not fully awake. The booting-up brain has less energy to worry about the day’s work and other tasks.January 2020 Calendar Printable

Perform “Do not disturb” tasks of your computer while working on focused tasks. Focus your attention by working on only one monitor and opening only one window. Going offline can also be an option, but it should not go. Inventors have dissolved the multitasking myth.January 2020 Calendar Printable

If you feel that you can do many things at once and maintain your quality standards, then check out this article. Some artists wait for inspiration to strike. Some writers sit around, waiting for the writer’s block to subside. Businessmen do not participate in serious work if they are not in a perfect work environment.January 2020 Calendar Printable

With Mindfulness, you have to feel like something must be done to make it happen. Notice the thoughts and feelings that you work with from an outside perspective. Do not let them control your actions. Accept your feelings and daydreams and let them go.January 2020 Calendar Printable

Start tasks, even when you feel unsure, and rely on your motivation to follow. When everything must be perfect, can anything ever be good? Probably right there. To become extraordinary, you must fail repeatedly and learn from your mistakes.January 2020 Calendar Printable

View every effort as an experiment – a valuable step on your journey, no matter what the outcome. Despite indulging in perfectionism, keep the big picture in mind. Focus on your priorities, not the minute details of your work. January 2020 Calendar Printable

Address the most important tasks on your to-do list and don’t sweat the small stuff. The human brain can only focus on about 90-minutes at a time. Schedule a break at least every 90 minutes to avoid burnout and maintain high productivity throughout your day.

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